The Key To Success Is In Your Thoughts

Think and Grow Rich

think-and-grow-rich-quoteHave you ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?

If so, you know that there is a mysterious truth to the universe that ties together an individual’s success and ultimate results in life with the state of his mind, and belief in his own ability to create that success for himself.

To be honest, the first time I read the book I thought it was a little strange, and much of the actual text is dated. The book was published in the 1930s, and it’s easy to write it off as a Depression-era “feel-good” book to try to encourage people to get back to work and build self-confidence.

However, as you dig further into what Hill is saying, it becomes increasingly evident that the material presented in the book was collected through interviews with hundreds of the country’s most successful personalities and businessmen of the time, and they all agreed with Hill’s main premise.

We are what we think about, and we can control our own destiny.

The Law of Attraction in Today’s World

The Law of Attraction blog, is a modern day rendition promoting many of the principles outlined by Hill and his contemporaries.

The “science” behind the law of attraction is still far from being definitively proven, but in the last few years there have been a number of different experts claiming they’ve figured out different versions of why the Law of Attraction works. From Jack Canfield to Bob Proctor, Rhonda Byrne, and Abraham-Hicks, everyone seems to have a different way of describing very closely related principles, which actually have their origin on many of the world’s most-revered religious texts, including the Bible, Tao Te Zing, as well as Buddhist and Hindu writings.

The premise is that there is an underlying current of energy (some call this God, others energy, others beauty) that permeates all things, and we can influence the creation of our own reality by tapping into this cosmic-fabric. Through meditation and controlling our dominating thought patterns, we are able to effect future manifestations of wealth and abundance.

Sound too good to be true? Give it a try. Here’s one of my favorite abundance meditations from Bob Proctor. Try this out for 30 minutes a day for a month or two, and see if you don’t feel better about your financial situation, and see evidence of more wealth coming into your life.

You can also visit sities like Mindvalley, for more meditation and success-consciousness information.

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