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The History of WNYSIP

The Western New York Society of Information Professionals (WNYSIP) had its foundation in the former Association for Systems Management (ASM) professional organization. ASM was an international group, with many chapters right here in the US. In its heyday, the ASM Buffalo Chapter had over 200 members from local companies. With the downturn in the economy and cutbacks in many technically oriented jobs, the number of members dwindled and eventually led to the demise of ASM. The ASM headquarters, located in Cleveland, Ohio, announced that as of 5/31/96, ASM would cease operations.

However, a few hearty ASM members decided that the Buffalo Chapter was a viable organization that filled a need in the community and thus continued the organization under a new name. The new name conveyed the fact that our membership extended outside the City of Buffalo, to the many suburbs of Western New York. In July of 1996, the ASM Buffalo Chapter members were notified of the creation of the Western New York Society of Information Professionals, to be abbreviated as “WNYSIP”.

Other national organizations were being faced with the same challenges as ASM. The Data Processing Management Association (DPMA), was renamed the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) in an attempt to reach out to more data processing professionals and not appear to be restricted just to management.

In September 1999, WNYSIP and the Buffalo Chapter of AITP began to have joint meetings to avoid the redundancy of arrangements, speakers, and dinners. After a year of joint meetings the AITP members decided to join WNYSIP and dissolve the local AITP Chapter.

This relationship, as well as the many dedicated members, helped flourish the thriving professional organization known today as WNYSIP.

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